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Futurithmic Podcast Episode 2: The State of AR/VR Art

As the industry overcomes technical hurdles of Augmented and Virtual Reality, it’s grappling with an existential crisis: how to remain ethical in the race to be first with new technologies. Dan Robbins, of industry frontrunner HTC, dives into the technical and the...

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AI is both empowering and flawed

We love our prediction machines.  Modern statistics helped us make more informed decisions. It is supposed to help us make more objective judgments by moving us away from gut instincts or the claims of self-appointed sages.  But, we often forget how deeply...

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From killer robots to automated colleagues

The further integration of automated processes and machines in our workforce is an inevitable future, but even robo-geeks would admit that their enthusiasm might not be shared by all. The future of human-machine co-existence requires the consideration of direct and...

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Futurithmic Podcast Episode 1: Augmenting ourselves

Augmenting our appearance may seem like a Black Mirror episode, but it’s coming. And when it does, what does this mean for our sense of self if we can change who we are on a person by person basis? AR author and artist Galit Ariel breaks down the issues of identity in...

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5G and edge cloud will transform the world of gaming

Imagine a billion dollar sports business, a global audience of over 300 million fans and no ball, stadium or field.  Welcome to the world of Esports, competitive online gaming where a millisecond of a lag could separate winners from losers. In 2015, a...

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Three ways for telcos to leverage AI

This article was written in collaboration with Santeri Jussila, Head of Analytics Product Line Management at Nokia. The global artificial intelligence (AI) market is booming. Market research firm Tractica estimates annual global AI revenue to grow from $9.5 billion in...

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Thanks to AI, crops are growing in greater numbers

Can a machine or computer better predict crop growth than a generational farmer? Proponents of artificial intelligence and machine learning believe that’s already underway. Data-driven technology isn’t foreign to agriculture, as farmers have increasingly warmed to...

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